Who we are?

ADN is one of the Delhi's leading Broadband Service providers in the area of Central Delhi since last 25 years. Now at ADN we are bringing very fast secure and FTTH(fiber to the home) connectivity on the internet. Our customer can connected from our ultra high fiber and wireless network at anywhere any time. Very soon we would become the leader in broadband services in Central Delhi. On today's scenario customers want video on every screen to enjoy their hobbies like, games, sports, songs, movies etc. We are setting the standard for delivering games, sports, songs, movies etc. when, where and how customers want. As on date ADN is the largest Cable TV service provider in the area of central.

ADN Broadband internet service brings a wide choice of internet speed depending on customer's needs. With ADN Broadband's Gigabit power network, customers can download HD movies in just 36 seconds, a TV episode in three seconds and 25 songs in one second.

ADN Broadband is leading the way to the future for customers, businesses and industries. We are working on a new technologies to make it easier for our customers to stay secured connected. ADN Broadband employs special technologies that resolve most of the problems faced by the regular internet connections today.

A D N Broadband Pvt Ltd  is New Delhi's Central District's leading ISP company that claims to be reaching to # 1 position across key areas of Central Delhi & surroundings, thru its direct connectivity & thru its Distributors and numerous JV partners.

Building the next generation digital broadband (FTTH) network to provide Broadband ,Leased Lines & Internet application services.

Creating a service differentiation through superior customer experience by providing internet telephony.

Offering a bouquet of Information, Communication and Entertainment) application services to all customer segments, including residential and commercial complexes.

Mudhit Sethi

Founder & CEO

ADN Broadband- Building the Next Generation Digital Broadband Network

ADN Broadband’s approach is to invest smartly and ensuring no compromise on Quality. “We have managed to achieve the growth track by continuous introspections within our organization and chalk out action plan by considering the flow of ideas and feedbacks from all stakeholders. There are estimated 60K Local cable operators with estimated customer base of 10 Mn, in Tier I, II & III towns, who provide Cable TV services and had already build a massive fiber network across the streets. We have successfully demonstrated the technology in converging the Broadband services by utilizing existing cable TV fiber networks and optimizing the overall last mile cost. We know how to work with partners and make them a part of our broadband eco-system. Also, we are now focussing on provisioning of voice services on our existing broadband platform by offering multiple value add voice features. This will surely improve the customer voice connectivity and make them less dependent on mobile networks. We also are focusing on OTT services Ip TV services”, adds Mudhit Sethi, CEO.

The length and breadth of India in terms of geography compliments its volume for business opportunities. Speaking on the state of ISP providers in India, Rajiv Kumar Sethi, MD of ADN Broadband says, “The Wireline market currently is highly untapped with just about 20 million users’ connectivity, of which a major chunk is with Public limited companies which lack the focus completely. The telcos, due to big pockets and the reach, have always been ahead to capture the bigger chunk of the market and might be the dominating force. The survival for the fittest in current time is the way ISP strategies its investments”. Headquartered in New Delhi, ADN Broadband is one of the fastest growing Wireline Broadband Company with major focus of building robust Fiber infrastructure to deliver High Speed Internet Services converged with multiple Value adds.

ADN brings in a legacy of decades in the wireline industry with rich experience on successful delivery of video services on wireline networks. The firm has been pioneering in building its infrastructure on Fiber under different volatile situations. ADN is strongly focused on building the robust last mile networks powered by world-class backend networks and high-quality Customer services.

Rajiv Kumar sethi

Managing Director (MD)

Through the Ups and Downs

With the pandemic, while most industries were encountering less or no business, ISP providers had a hard time coping with the surge in demands for internet. People working from home with Internet an only source of communication put a lot of pressure on Service Provider to continuously upgrade the network Infrastructure. The real challenge for ISPs was to constantly upgrade their infrastructure in order to keep up with the demand while ensuring network uptime and quality of services are not compromised.

ADN Broadband is experimenting multiple innovative technologies to enhance the Backbone performance, improve uptime on Distribution & last mile fiber network and build innovations across CPE (Fiber ONU) for building intelligence for resolving the customer issues proactively & promptly. The company is also in the process of sourcing the Business Analytics tool to collaborate multiple data points to extract actionable and relevant information thereby improving its Decision Making, optimizing & improving Customer Service and demonstrating more efficient Operations.

During the last one year, ADN Broadband has exhibited a staggering growth of 300 percent enabling the firm to explore more opportunities and build efficient pool of resources. Its expansion on FTTH was phenomenal by adding 300k HP on Fiber during year 2020. The roadmap is to expand the Fiber networks to multiple Tier-2 & 3 cities and construct 1 million HP by year 2021 with an expectation of 20 percent conversion rate of customer. At the same time, the broader vision is to wire up each and every home on high quality Fiber and offer high speed Internet services along with multiple converged services (IPTV/OTT/Gamming/Voice/VOD) keeping a low entry cost making it affordable for All.

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We provide variety of packages to suit customer's internet needs. Our packages are very economical and affordable.

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We are having wide range of remarkable network of distributors and franchisees in all over delhi ncr area.

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Our customers are very important to us. Any problem that you might face can be easily resolved by prominent ADN care executives.